Preschool Expansion Grant

10/21/2018: Updated PEG overview for 2018-19

1/11/2018: Update on Boston's Universal Pre-K Efforts

2/7/2017: MA Releases Progress Report on First Year of Preschool Expansion Initiative


The Preschool Expansion Grant (PEG) is a US Department of Education federally funded grant that created a partnership between the MA Department of Early Education and Care, the Boston Public Schools, and community-based programs.   

It serves over 250 high-needs children from families whose income falls below the federal poverty guidelines, Boston residents and turn four years old by September 1st with high-quality, tuition and fee-free Pre-K programming that is family-friendly (8 hours per day, year-round).

Through PEG, programs are better able to:

  1. Retain highly qualified staff via coaching, professional development and increased salaries.

  2. Implement the BPS K1 literacy- and math-rich curricula;

  3. Improve teacher-family engagement; and

  4. Provide comprehensive services to meet the individual health and development needs of children.

Participating Programs

Boston K1DS - The Precursor to PEG

Boston K1DS served as a model for the federal Preschool Expansion Grant (PEG) across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Many of the Boston K1DS programs are now PEG programs. The PEG community continues to work with community-based and BPS district Pre-K classrooms in Boston to share resources, advocate for high need families, and strengthen program quality. 

Boston K1DS was a partnership between the Boston Public Schools, Thrive in 5, the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care, United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, and the Barr Foundation.

Thank you to the Boston K1DS funders: Barr Foundation, Boston Public Schools, the @Scale Initiative (separate project link), the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care's Birth to 3rd Grade Alignment Grant (part of the Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Fund) the Jessie B. Cox Trust, and the Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust.