NAEYC Accreditation

Boston’s early childhood programs are among the best in the country. One key lever in ensuring quality programs is earning accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), affirming that these programs offer high-quality, state-of-the-art education to help get children off to a successful start. This accreditation process drives transformational change in our early childhood programs and lead to an increasing ability of the school community to engage in quality practices. Through the process of pursuing accreditation, all adults develop the adaptive capacity to:

  • Be sensitive and responsive to children and families

  • Consistently engage in high quality developmentally appropriate practices

  • Show continuous improvement and refinement of the skills, attitudes and dispositions that serve to help young children grow and learn.

Guiding Principles

  • Development of the whole child in addition to focusing on academic skills

  • Children as strong powerful learners

  • Family-centered practices

  • Cultural Competence

  • Assessment includes observation and reflection and is used to drive and modify curriculum so it responds to the needs of individual children

  • Ongoing development of portfolios

  • Developing the capacity of the school-based personnel to own the process and maintain quality

Our Goal

Our goal is for all BPS elementary schools to achieve accreditation. Currently, 44 schools have received NAEYC accreditation, with another 9 in process (generally a 3-4 year process). These 52 schools represent 2/3 the total number of elementary schools in the Boston Public Schools.

BPS Early Childhood Programs that have received accreditation (in alphabetical order):

  1. Baldwin ELC

  2. Beethoven

  3. Blackstone Elementary

  4. Chittick

  5. Clap Innovation

  6. Conley

  7. Curley

  8. East Boston EEC

  9. Edison

  10. Eliot

  11. Ellis

  12. Ellison/Parks

  13. Everett

  14. Gardner Pilot Academy

  15. Guild

  16. Hale

  17. Haley

  18. Harvard-Kent

  19. Haynes EEC

  20. Holland

  21. Holmes

  22. J.F. Kennedy

  23. Kenny

  24. King

  25. Lee Academy

  26. Mason

  27. Mather

  28. McKay

  29. Mendell

  30. Mission Hill K-8

  31. Mozart

  32. Murphy

  33. O'Donnell

  34. Orchard Gardens

  35. Perkins

  36. Philbrick

  37. Roosevelt

  38. Russell

  39. Taylor

  40. Tynan

  41. UP Academy Dorchester

  42. Warren-Prescott

  43. West Zone ELC

  44. Winship

Schools that are working with us on meeting the accreditation standards include:

  • Adams, Condon, Henderson, Higginson, Jackson/Mann, Lee K-8, Quincy, and Winthrop

Educator Effectiveness and NAEYC

The BPS Department of Early Childhood has aligned the NAEYC criteria with the Rubric of Effective Teaching from the Office of Human Capital: Effective Teaching Rubric

NAEYC Portfolio Development

As part of the NAEYC accreditation process each of our programs and grade levels are required to provide documentation that demonstrates how they meet the quality standards. These templates help guide our teachers and administrators in this process.  

Please note that the program portfolio is a work in progress. We are constantly working to provide as much of the centralized information about our programs to minimize the time demands on principals in compiling and showcasing this information. The files below are in view-only formats. In order to make changes to these templates you will need to either make a copy of the presentation into your Google Drive or download the presentation to your computer. To make a copy, log into your own Google Account. Click on the portfolio template below that you would like to edit. Once the presentation opens, click "File" then "Make a copy," which will copy the entire presentation into your personal Google Drive. You will then be able to edit this file. Please note the templates are currently unavailable as they are being updated; let your accreditation mentor know if you require access.  

  • Program Portfolio Template

  • K0-K1 Classroom Portfolio Template

  • K2 Classroom Portfolio Template

  • Mentor Files (BPS only)

Contact us if you have any questions about the portfolio templates or are looking for portfolio support.