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Why is high-quality Early Childhood Education such a critical lever for closing the opportunity and achievement gaps? 

Listen to our Executive Director Jason Sachs discuss this topic in a 2014 interview on the Boston News Network.

How do we use Research and Evaluation to guide our work?

Qualities of High-Quality Early Learning

In this video, we describe what goes into Focus on Early  Learning, our approach to high-quality early learning. You will also see our PreK (K1) program in action at the Mather Elementary School. This video is related to Restoring Opportunity: The Crisis of Inequality and the Challenge for American Education by Professors Greg Duncan and Richard Murnane.

The Color Investigation is a series of videos that shows group learning and documentation (from both students and teachers) in action in our classrooms. The video here is a 12 minute edit of the full series of ten videos from our Making Learning Visible project, inspired by Reggio Emilia. We highly recommend watching the full series, available at the link above.