Storytelling and Story Acting

Storytelling/story acting supports children's language and literacy skills, social and emotional development, and creativity.

This article in the New England Reading Association Journal explains the benefits of storytelling/story acting.

Celebrating Storytelling and Story Acting

On May 31st and June 7, 2013, children, their teachers, and families came to the Boston Children's Museum to celebrate the children's learning. Children performed stories they had written. They also performed stories written by some special guests.

Boston Listens

Boston Listens is a storytelling/story acting program based on methods developed by well-known early childhood educator and author Vivian Paley. The Department of Early Childhood offers resources to support the implementation of the program, including: guides to the program for teachers and administrators, video of key program practices, a blog by teachers with insights on supporting children’s storytelling, and an 8 session Storytelling Seminar. To see the program in action and hear the children's explanations of what they learn through storytellling/story acting, see the video below.

Also, see the interview with Ben Mardell, Marina Boni, and Jason Sachs in the American Journal of Play (Winter 2014) about storytelling, story acting, and literacy. (interview; journal)

Video and Administrators' Guide

Teacher Feedback and Interviews

At the end of the pilot year for Boston Listens, teachers from the Boston Listens seminar reflected on the year and gave advice to colleagues implementing the program in the future.