High-quality early learning can and should be measured in a number of different ways. Instructional quality and child outcomes both play key roles in this measurement. Below are the BPS specific child outcomes that we measure throughout the year in our programs, as well as dates and how-to instructions.

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PALS - Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening

  • What: Measures preschoolers’ developing knowledge of important literacy fundamentals (letter recognition, letter sound, beginning sound production, print and word awareness, and rhyme awareness), reflecting skills that are predictive of future reading success

  • Who: Typically-developing four year old students attending the K1 program or the Integrated K0/K1 program. PALS should only be administered to K1 children in the K0-K1 classrooms. There is NO expectation that you administer the PALS to your children who are in the K0 part of your program.

  • When:

    • September 16 - October 18, 2019

    • May 11 - June 5, 2020. No need to retest students in the spring if they achieve benchmark in the fall. Can be administered in the winter for progress monitoring.

  • Score Reporting on Illuminate - BPS specific

  • {Files, including presentation, score sheets, etc.} - BPS only

  • https://pals.virginia.edu/

LAP-D - Learning Accomplishment Profile - Diagnostic

  • What: Screening tool (not assessment) that is used to screen every Pre-K and K child upon entering the Boston Public Schools. The tool is used to provide teachers with information about where a child's strengths and challenges are in four domains (gross motor, fine motor, language, cognition) to help them effectively plan lessons that allow for each child's optimal development.

  • Who: K0 - K2 students new to BPS; if students took the LAP-D last year they do not need to be screened again this year. The LAP-D does not need to be administered to students with a full service individualized educational plan. Students receiving related services should be part of the screening in the areas they do not receive services in.

  • When: September 9 - October 18, 2019

  • Score Reporting on Illuminate - BPS specific

  • {Files, including Illuminate instructions, presentation, score sheets, etc.} - BPS only

EVT - Expressive Vocabulary Test

NWEA MAP Fluency and Growth

  • NWEA MAP Fluency is highly recommended for K-2 students, with MAP Growth as an optional additional screener.

  • What: Measures basic early literacy skills including reading fluency and comprehension; Fluency information; Growth information

  • Who: all Grade K2, 1, & 2 students

  • When:

    • Period 1: Sept 9-Sept 23, 2019

    • Period 2: Dec 2- Dec 16, 2019

    • Period 3: May 18-June 1, 2020